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Detail/Feature surveys

The first step to any project. You need to know what is on the ground. Our feature surveys can tell you exactly what is on site. The location of buildings, the slope of the land, utilities and other features are recorded to ensure you have the most information possible.

Bridge construction

Whether it’s a steel or concrete bridge, we are there from the very beginning. From foundations to finished deck levels, we can offer all the essential information for site crews for a seamless construction process.

Buildings set out

We can provide the exact position of a building and all its relevant features, this allows construction teams to build exactly what has been designed to the highest accuracy. You can be confident that it’s going to be right the first time.

Road/Rail set out

Our experience in infrastructure projects combined with the most advanced software available allows us to easily set out road and rail alignments, batters, culverts and all other road/rail related information on time, minimising costly delays. Cross sections can also be produced to display relevant information.

Deformation monitoring

Using the best measuring tools, we can systematically monitor and track the changes over time as a result of applied loads. The displacement information can then be displayed in various formats including 3d modelling.

As built reporting

During the construction process, reports can be produced to show that the work was carried out to the design specifications. Items that can be reported on include:

  • Location of new buildings or structures
  • Sewer and stormwater construction
  • Road pavements including kerbs and footpaths
  • Service locations ie Gas water mains, and electrical.

Volume surveys

Calculations on how much material is needed or how much material has been used or removed can be performed at various stages of construction. This service is useful on road and rail projects, large subdivisions and mining. The advantage is that you can monitor the development and productivity of a project at every stage of the construction process.

This is what we do:
Smith Creek Bridge (Adelaide’s tallest)
Southern Expressway Duplication Project- Reynella Overpass
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