Nelson Surveys Capabilities

Nelson Surveys is a successful South Australian owned business that has been providing high quality survey services to the construction industry.  Our team includes personnel with experience in high profile projects such as the Southern Expressway duplication project and Seaford rail line extension project.

Nelson Surveys Prides itself on being able to seamlessly integrate with large and small teams to ensure projects are completed on ti me and on budget. By embracing new technology such as machine guidance and scanning, we are able to provide clients with the most accurate, and effective survey services.
Design Data can be formatted to suit the needs of the project, this way the projects are delivered using the latest systems to improve productivity and minimise costs.
Our commitment to using new technology has been recognised by being featured in the international magazine Reporter Issue #74 in the article “Seeing the entire Picture in Detail”

With our local experience and successful track record, you can be sure you are getting the best service using the latest technology.

Below are some examples of our work:

Periodic Stockpile Surveys using Aerial imagery

Site progress reports can be visualised over time and volume data can be exported into any desired format. Safety is improved since crews spend little or no ti me on the ground, this also helps in minimising disruptions to plant and heavy machinery.



Bridge Scan using a terrestrial Laser scanner

10 scans with a 6min duration time.   Point cloud is processed and detailed information can be extracted about individual structural components.

Video showing changes made over a one week period.